Taste-Spotting in Hong Kong and China

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

Before I head to bed for my flight tomorrow, I saved you guys the best post for last.  A post dedicated to just FOOD!  Ordering food in Hong Kong and China was definitely challenging.  If there were no pictures, I had no choice but to use my broken Cantonese to order.  There were some moments I just said “okay” to a dish and had no idea what is was until it came out.  Other than that, I think I did pretty good on ordering some dishes the locals ate!  Enjoy the pictures and try not to drool over them!

These were some local breakfast dishes in Hong Kong I had.  They’re pretty heavy for breakfast food, but with all the walking here, we needed the energy!

Fan Tuan – Glutinous rice wrapped around fried Chinese donut and egg

Typical Dim Sum items – Shumai and Xiao Long Bao

Dan Dan Noodles – Sesame Sauce Noodles

Soup with Wontons & Beef Balls

Takoyaki Octopus Balls – A famous Japanese snack in Hong Kong!

Honeymoon Dessert – Mango Pomelo & Sago Grass Jelly with Sweet Soup

Red Bean Soup Dessert – Beans for dessert is weird right?  But it’s SO good! 

Red Bean Jello and Coconut Bunny Marshmellows

Pork Chop in Black Bean Sauce with a fried egg

Noodle Soup with Pork Cutlet and Hong Kong’s version of french onion soup – Can you believe this ENTIRE meal was only 4, yes FOUR US dollars!!!

The following pictures is from my FAVORITE meal from this entire trip…only because I love Huo Guo (hot pot) that much!

So many options of sauces, I didn’t know where to start!

A simple beef broth with veggies and herbs for flavor

My sauce creation!

loved, loved, LOVED the light decor in the restaurant.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Gong Cha – Green Milk Tea with Pudding

Matcha Green Milk Tea

And of course…I HAD to eat KFC and McDonald’s (no picture, b00).  In Asia, they have dark meat chicken, egg drop soup, taro desserts, AND milk tea! By the way, is it just me, or does Colonel Sanders look a little Asian?!

How hungry are you now after looking at these pictures!?  Anyways, I can’t wait to come back home and be greeted with the beautiful sunny LA weather!


auntie k


  1. Wow I am super hungry! What incredible pictures. Here in Hawaii we get great Asian food. Azuki beans (red beans) are popular for desserts due to the Japanese influence. We put them on top of ice cream all the time! Thanks for sharing! I have to find a good Chinese place for dinner now, so please excuse me while I rush out the door….

  2. Great pics of the yummy food. Looks like you had Dim Sum one day. Congrats for being brave when the words failed you. 🙂

  3. Karen, I’m so jealous that you’re in Hong Kong and I wish I could eat ALL the food that you’ve photographed here. My gosh, these are pretty much all my favourites. I can’t believe how lucky you are! Glad you’re having such a good time though.
    Will be back to check out the rest of your trip. 🙂
    Ronnie xo

    • Ronnie,

      Thanks for the lovely comment! I’m back home in LA now but I do miss the HK food and how inexpensive it was! You should def go back to visit HK since you were born there! You and your boys can take a little vacay. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog, be sure to come back and see my post about HK DISNEYLAND..especially if you decide to go with your sons. 😉 hehe

  4. That looks so amazing! The real chinese food, brings back such great memories for me when I was there! Great pictures! :))

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