The Real All-Inclusive Shopping… in China!

Ni Hao from China!

Boy, was I in a big surprise today when I wanted to spend the day strolling around the mall.  I thought it would be empty since everyone would be at work, but nope…that’s when I approached a massive crowd at China’s shopping center, Vanguard.  It was their Labor Day holiday and I guess this is where everyone goes.  Not only did the crowd surprise me, but the size of this shopping center is amazing and has EVERYTHING…it’s like a one stop shop!  Floors and floors of stores, a supermarket with the freshest meats, fruits, and veggies AND you can also “catch” your own seafood! In this shopping center, you can also find a delicious smelling bakery, Mickey D’s (of course), a HAIR SALON, and even a section to buy rare colored fishes!  Crazy!  Even though I wanted to buy a bag of seaweed flavored lay’s chips, I refused to wait in line!  It was a great experience and I even got a whiff of Durian…a really, really, REALLY stinky fruit!  I don’t think you can imagine how stinky it is until you smell it.  =) Move over Walmart, Target, WholeFoods, EVERYTHING. This literally has it all!

Enjoy the pictures I captured!


auntie k



  1. Such cool and exotic fruits and fish! Looks like your having a great time! Enjoy!!

  2. How interesting! Thanks for sharing. “Kids are from Pluto” is my favorite blog…

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