True Confessions of Expecting Parents

Hello Everyone!

Meet Lai Lai and Billy — I had the opportunity to interview them where they got the chance to confess their feelings about their first baby on the way!  Scared, excitement, happiness, sickness….it all comes out!  All expecting parents have the same rush of mixed emotions right?  This interview with Lai Lai and Billy just shows your not the only out there who feels like that.  Expecting parents…you’re all in this together!

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were having a baby?

Lai Lai:  I had a rush of mixed emotions all at once. Initially I thought, “OMG, what
have we done?! Are we capable of raising a child? Is our life over?” But then, I
felt really happy knowing that I created a baby with my most favorite person
in the world, Billy.
Billy:  Excited and relieved!

When did you know you were ready?

Lai Lai:  I never felt 100% ready. Even now, I don’t know if I am ready. But, I felt more
ready after we accomplished certain life goals: we were done with school, we
both worked for several years, and we bought a house. And we were in our
mid-30s, so the timing seemed right.
Billy:  Timing felt right: wife was at a good transition point in her career and
she was approaching her mid-30’s. Truthfully, it was more about her
than me.

What are some things you thought about before making the decision
to have a child?

Lai Lai:  I wanted to make sure that I had accomplished important goals that
would be difficult to do with a child.
Billy:  How many kids to have, when the best time to have one, are we
ready for the responsibility, etc.

What piece of advice could you give to our readers that you wished you had
received before deciding on having a child?

Lai Lai: Pregnancy feels like being sick for 10 months, especially if you are normally
a healthy active person. I did not know it was going to be this hard. My body
never felt normal the entire time. Once my morning sickness went away
(which was all day), I experienced heartburn, which turned into a severe
bloated and breathless feeling. I would advise readers to make sure you do
all the athletic things you wanted to do before you get pregnant. (Ie. Take
tennis lessons, run a marathon, etc.)
Billy:  Enjoy your freedom and personal lives as much as possible before
embarking on your journey to having a child.
Be honest, did you want a certain sex for the baby?

Lai Lai: No, I did not. I just wanted a healthy baby. But, I thought that I would have
a girl since my mom and I are really close and I imagined having that kind of
relationship. Plus, I thought that raising a girl would be easier for me. But,
I am excited to have a boy because I see how happy Billy is, and it is neat
growing something in my body so different from me. Now we are excited
about all the sports and martial arts we will teach our baby.
Billy:  Yes, a boy.

Have you decided on a name for the baby? You don’t have to tell us, but what
were some things you considered in a name?

Lai Lai: Yes, we have a name, but we are still open to a better one if we think of one.
I wanted a name that was: strong sounding, unique, but not too weird like
mine that people would mispronounce it the rest of his life.
Billy:  The initials, how unique the name is, how it sounds with our last name.

How have you prepared yourself for parenthood?

Lai Lai: I have at least 10 child rearing books next to my bed. I haven’t read all of
them, but knowing that I have all those books makes me feel secure that I can
find any answer I need in there or on the Internet.
Billy:  Talked extensively to fellow fathers-to-be and fathers at work.

How has your life changed?

Lai Lai: I used to be a very active person. I went to the gym regularly and played
tennis with Billy, but now I get breathless just climbing the stairs in my
house. It is difficult to be productive when I feel so heavy and sleepy.
Billy:  There never seems to be enough time, my personal space is diminished.
How do you think your life will change after your baby is born?

Lai Lai: I think our life will change completely. Now, we wake up at 10 am on the
weekends, eat lunch at 3 pm, stay up late, eat ice cream for dinner when we
are not that hungry, watch really bad horror movies, and yell while we watch
UFC. Once our baby is born, we will have to watch what we say and what we
do, so that we set a good example for our son.
Billy:  #7 will be even more true.

What are your expectations for your spouse? How about for yourself?

Lai Lai: I hope that Billy will get up in the middle of the night and help me with
feeding our baby. He promised that he will play less computer games, but we
shall see. I expect to raise a healthy active athletic baby. Our dogs are well
exercised and healthy, so I hope that is reflective of how we will raise our
Billy:  For my spouse, to stay relaxed and healthy. For myself, to be prepared
and a good father.

What are you most excited for?

Lai Lai: I am most excited about seeing my son’s face for the first time. Will he look
like me? I heard that sons look like their moms. So I am excited to see a male
mini-me version of me.
Billy:  Having my own family, seeing my child grow up.
What are you most afraid of?

Lai Lai: I am afraid of giving birth, even with the epidural. I am afraid that labor
will last for days. I am afraid of being told last minute that I need to have a
Caesarian. I am afraid of giving birth too early and not being ready.
Billy:  Messing up my kid. Having no time to myself.

When is your baby due?

Lai Lai: 6/14/12
Billy:  June 14, 2012.

Do you want more children? If so, how many?!

Lai Lai: No, I do not think so. I grew up as an only child so I know that only children
can grow up to be independent happy people. I do not want my dogs to get
ignored, and college costs too much. University of California costs $15,000 a
year! Imagine how much it will be in 18 years!
Billy:  Nope!


Thanks SO much Lai Lai and Billy for giving me and my readers the opportunity to hear the true confessions expecting parents!


auntie k


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