Earth Day Activities with the Kids

I can’t wait to celebrate Earth Day this Sunday in this beautiful weather!  It’s such a great way to spend your weekend outdoors and appreciate the fresh air, flowers, sun, dirt…and even the bugs!  Be sure to take this opportunity and enjoy the beauty of nature this weekend! Here are some wholesome ways to spend Earth Day with your family:

Stop by a local Starbucks –Bring your own coffee cup and you’ll get a cup of Jo for FREE!  Free for all Canada locations and at participating stores in the US. Check your local Starbucks to be sure).  Talk to your kids about going green and why it’s important for the Earth.

Take your children to the Zoo or a nearby Aquarium – Kids are so interested in animals and what makes them different, but for Earth Day, focus your attention on endangered species and talk with your children about why they are in danger of going extinct.

Go to your local park for a picnic – Get outside in the sunshine and fresh air to truly enjoy the Earth.  Take your kids to a local park for a picnic lunch with simple plant-based food like fruits, veggies, and nuts.  Pressed cucumber avocado hummus sandwiches, garden variety pizza, zesty garden pasta, or this simple snack mix for kids!

Go on a nature scavenger hunt – Such a fun and silly game for kids to be outdoors and learn all about the beauty of nature.  Tell them to pick a yellow flower, a green leaf, a smooth rock, a y-shaped branch, or even a bug!

Take a trip to your local Farmer’s Market –  I absolutely LOVE the farmer’s market…the idea of vendors selling fresh fruit, fresh produce, and fresh flowers is so reFRESHing!  Let your kids pick the items for their dinner.  Whether it’s picking their favorite fruit or veggies, I’m sure it’ll work it’s way into their dinner!

Spend a day at the moviesTo The Arctic 3D IMAX movie is opening on the weekend of Earth Day!  Bring your kids on a journey to the top of the world where lives of a mother polar bear and her two seven-month-old cubs as they navigate the changing Arctic wilderness they call home.  You kids will experience an up close and personal with this family’s struggle to survive in a frigid environment of melting ice, immense glaciers, spectacular waterfalls, and majestic snow-bound peaks.

Turn trash into something wonderful – Make something special out of your trash like bottle cap magnets for grandma and grandpa, or even this watering jug out of a milk carton!

Pitch a tent for a night –  Spend a entire night outdoors with your kids!  Lay on the grass and look at the stars at night.  What’s better than falling asleep to the sound of nature?

Plant, pick, or tend to something outdoors. You’ll be amazed how much your children love playing in the dirt and giving something life. If you don’t have a garden, try planting flowers or some potted herbs.  Or watch your kids get excited while taking a stroll around the neighborhood and collecting branches, leaves, and flowers.  Another option is something simple as watering the plants…and “accidentally” watering your kid, oops! =)

Feed the birds – Do you remember making peanut butter pinecone bird feeders when you were younger?  This weekend is the perfect time to introduce this fun project to your kids!  It’s simple — wrap one end of twine at the base of a large pinecone and leave about 10 inches free to tie onto a tree branch.  Spread peanut butter all over the pinecone (be sure to tell them not to miss any spots, there’s lots of birds to feed out there)!  Lastly, sprinkle bird seeds all over the pinecone and make sure it sticks onto the peanut butter, then hang it onto a tree for birds to snack on!  Kids will love making these and will be so happy to see the birds come around to taste their new treats.

If you’re located in the LA area, you have PLENTY of options to celebrate Earth Day this weekend with your kids!  See the events calender here.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Earth Day weekend!  Let’s try to make Earth Day, everyday! 🙂


auntie k


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