Pretty in Pink Ballerina Party

Here’s a darling party that will brighten your Thursday…a twirling PINK-alicious ballerina party!  When Pearly turned 4, she needed a party to revolve around her favorite thing to do…ballet!  We chose an adorable ballerina and incorporated her everywhere.  Invitations, favor bags, paper elements…you name it!  Doesn’t she remind you of little Pearly herself?!

Invitations are first impressions!  We wanted to make sure that guests were ready to come and twirl in their tutus.

A table big enough to fit 20 adorable little ballerinas!  Do you see the Tealight Chandeliers?  Bows, crystals, tulle, feathers, flowers…perfect for a girly-girl!

I love all the little details in this table.  We wanted to make the table look like a tutu itself so we wrapped all the edges with tulle and of course we had to add bits of ribbon treatment and tulle bows on the chairs as well!

I love these delicate, detailed pink Casablanca lanterns you can buy here.

Again, I love the little details of pink bows and white feathers!

How gorgeous and fitting is this crystal tealight holder?  You can find a similar one here.

Ostrich feather can make any party look so romantic and classy!

Instead of customizing water bottles, this is a great way to serve h20!

A tiara on Pearly’s cake…perfect for a ballerina princess!

Our tiny dancers!

Amazing ballet instructors giving the girls a little lesson.

Happy Birthday Pearly!  You’re party was TUTU cute!

** CURTSY to our VENDORS **


auntie k



  1. this is sooooo cute!!!

  2. Really cute. I just shared a link to your invite on my Facebook page at

  3. Wow, what a lucky little girl!

  4. Hajira ahmad says:

    Beautiful party!!! Stunning! I love the invites, can you please share where I can get them from for my daughters 4th ballet themed party.

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