As I am growing older, I’ve realized how much I love, love, LOVE furniture and home decor.  But you know what might be more fun than home decor for adults?  Home decor for KIDS!  Every time I browse through catalogs or websites, I tend to always steer to the kids furnishings.  It’s my way of bringing out the inner child in me and wish for the bedroom I never had.  When I was younger, I remember having rainbow polka-dotted wallpaper in my room and I hated it.  I always wanted just a plain color painted bedroom because I thought wallpapers were so cheesy.  Since then, wallpapers have come a long way.  With so many different styles, textures, and colors now…wallpapers can make a huge statement in a house.  But what’s more eye-catching is all the different types of wallpaper, decals, and accessories for kids…it’s like wall candy, literally!  I’ve discovered something sweet for you —  WallCandy Arts!  It’s a website that sells adorable chalkboard & dry erase boards, decals, and wallpaper.  What’s amazing is that everything is removable so once your child grows older or wants a change in their room, it’s quick, simple, and easy!  You have to check it out…here are some of my favorites:

Mini Chalkboard Decals

Chalkboard Decal Rococo

Elephant Chalkboard Decal

Seasons Tree Wall Decal

Happy Flower Wall Decals

Mustache hehe

Multi French Bull Izzy

Enjoy the Wall Candy!


auntie k



  1. […] each with it’s own distinct pattern and texture. In addition, you can even include wall decals (wall candy) under the same umbrella as wallpaper! There are many ways to decorate a room with wallpaper; the […]

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