Happy Birthday Jackson!

Happy Birthday Jackson Peter Jue!  This post is dedicated to you…I’ve been waiting for this day so I could post my picture collages of you growing up.

As you all know, Jackson is such a bundle of joy in our family…he makes our days brighter and happier.  Jackson & Riley is the sole reason why I started Kids are from Pluto.  By watching their actions and interacting with them everyday, I hoped to show my readers the simplicities of a child’s imagination like the meaning of love.  Remember this post?  It’s amazing how a 3 and 1 year old can teach me a thing or two about life despite the age difference.

I put together a picture collage of Jackson growing up…this took me awhile since it was so hard to choose the best ones to put up!  As Jackson grew older, he definitely grew wiser, grew funnier…and grew more hair!  =)  Enjoy the video and pictures!



Happy Birthday Jackson!

You’re an amazing son, brother, nephew, grandson, and GREAT grandson.  We love you so much you crazy ball of energy!


auntie k AND…

  • mommy & daddy
  • mei mei (Riley)
  • all of your aunties and uncles
  • pwo pwo & gong gong
  • nana & grandpa
  • ah-ma & grandpa victor
  • & all of your readers today!

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