A Very “Hoppy” Easter Inspiration

I’m so excited for Easter this Sunday!  There’s so many things I love about this holiday…the spring flowers, pastel colors, adorable bunnies, baskets, egg paintings, and of course the egg hunts!  Everything about Easter is so fun for the kids and it’s not too late to throw a Easter Egg Hunt Party this weekend!  Here are some inspirational ideas from invitations, food, to decor…enjoy!

1.  Just sprinkle some crushed Oreos to make it look like dirt and add carrot fondants and you get carrot cupcakes! — Hostess Blog

2.  Perfect time to have cake pops so you can decorate it like Easter eggs!  Buy the Easter egg cake pop kit here.

3.  “Rabbit food” for kids!  Put some goldfish crackers in cellophane bags and tie it up with green trim! — Hostess Blog

4.  A DIY Birch Nest Basket filled with Spring Blooms like tulips and daffodils!  I love it!!!

5.  Did you know you can mail anything 13 ounces or less?  Giver’slog Happy Mail shows us an ADORABLE way to mail out invitation or thank you eggs for your guests!  Wouldn’t you be surprised to see a plastic egg in your mailbox?

6.  Like my previous post on DIY Valentine Cards, your kids will have fun using their fingers to make these DIY Thumb Bunny personalized cards!

7.  Of course you can’t forget the baskets for the egg hunt!  Have an art & crafts time so kids can make their own Easter basket from milk jugs!

8.  These Carrot Napkin Bundles is such a cute and fun way to distribute the utensils!

9.  With some artificial grass in baskets…you can display anything from eggs, flowers, to lollipops!  — Hostess Blog

10.  Save your eggshells when making eggs in the morning!  Tiny flowers like lilacs, lily of the valley, or violas would be perfect for these Eggshell Flower Arrangements!

11.  I LOVE eggs!  Easter is such an appropriate time to not only serve deviled eggs…but to serve them pastel-colored!  Too pretty to eat! — Deviled Easter Eggs

I hope this inspires you to throw a Easter Egg Hunt Party…for kids or adults!  Stay tuned to hear about some exciting Easter kid-friendly activities happening this week!

Have a very Hoppin’ Day!


auntie k

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