Crayola Party Part Two

Happy Friday Everyone!

Here is Jackson & Riley’s Crayola Party part 2!!!  From creating wax hands, painting piggy banks, to playing with a water bucket….you can see how much fun everyone had.  Enjoy!

All our little Picasso’s!

Throw water in a bucket and you’ll entertain kids for hours!

How cute is his little hand?!

My sister and brother-in-law joining hands to make a Wax Creation.  What an “aww” moment.


From making hearts, using forks, flowers, and cups as props, to holding hands…all the guests got really creative with their wax creation!

Kids got to paint their own mini piggy banks and of course Jackson got a jumbo pig.

Mommy and daughter moment, so precious.

Doesn’t Douglas look like he belongs in a GapKids advertisement?

Riley’s not so sure about her smash cake and Jackson can’t wait to blow out his candle!


Jackson helping his little sister blow out her candle.

What comes after this….

Silly Jackson!

BEAUTIFUL baby girl in her bright and colorful tutu!

photo credit:  JLin Photography & Jane Sha Photography

Happy Birthday Jackson & Riley!

You guys bring out the color in so many lives around you.

I hope my Crayola posts inspires you to throw a colorful Crayola party for your little one!  Have a wonderful weekend!


auntie k


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