Crayola Party Part One

Hi Everyone!

I know you’ve all been anticipating this post since Monday’s sneak peek…and I can’t let you wait any longer!  I had SO much fun planning Jackson & Riley’s birthday party with my sister.  Jackson LOVES to draw, color, and paint…so we thought to dedicate this party to Roy G. Biv!  Everything about their birthday was just the way we envisioned it…colorful, messy, and most of all…fun!  I hope you all enjoy part 1 of Jackson & Riley’s Crayola Party.

We wanted guests to get the impression this is going to be a very “messy party” with paint and colors.  This was fun because Jackson got to be a part of the invitation making by finger painting all the invites to his guests!

Everyone kid got to be Picasso for the day!  We personalized a shirt for every child so they can get as messy as they want without parents worrying about their clothes getting dirty.

Forget the sodas!  Bring out the IZZE’s…sparkling juices for the adults and the colors of the cans fit the party!

I absolutely love the hanging beverage sign for the apothecary jars!  You can get them here.

Such a colorful and fun lunch catered by The Kitchen for Exploring Foods.

We HAD to make a fruit display with the colors of the rainbow.


Of course Jackson and Riley each had their own side of cupcakes!


Riley’s smash cake made by one of my other sisters…inside was a colorful surprise when she (with the help of Jackson) smashed into it!

Rainbow jell0 made by yours truly!  If you have enough patience and time, I would recommend you make this for your next party.  It’s eye-catching and delicious!  You can find the recipe here.

YES, these were all edible!  The “paintbrushes” are Yan-Yan’s you can find at your local Asian supermarket and I dipped the top with some food coloring candy melts.  The “crayons” are pretzels dipped on both sides and finished off with customized wrappers.

I had to get these adorable plastic paint buckets from Michael’s and fill them up with skittles…or what I called “paint blobs.”

A mini art gallery of Jackson’s work.  Here he’s saying “ALL MINE!!!”

Our only floral arrangement so we had to make sure it stood out!

I love to rent children’s chairs and table so kids have their own designated area.  I cover it up with butcher paper and put some crayons there so they can use the table like their canvas!

One of the activities was painting ceramic mini piggy banks and plates which the kids absolutely loved!

The results!  Once they finished painting, we took them back to Color Me Mine so they can glaze and fire their masterpieces!

Another entertainment we had was Wax Creation.  This was fun for everyone, especially when people started to get creative with their hand design!

Super cute!  Especially when it’s itty bitty hands like Jackson’s!

What’s a Crayola Party without some finger painting?!  We laid out a huge canvas and kids went to town with it!

The Jues’ now have a masterpiece that can probably end up on the wall at LACMA, don’t you think? =)

** a big and COLORFUL thanks to everyone that helped and our Vendors **

Photography: JLin Photography & Jane Sha Photography

Paper Elements:  Fourteen West

Rentals:  Party Pronto

Cupcakes:  Dots Cupcakes

Catering:  The Kitchen for Exploring Foods

Wax Hands:  Wax Creation

Ceramic Painting:  Color Me Mine

I hope this post made your day much brighter!  Enjoy and stay tuned for Jackson & Riley’s Crayola Party 2!


auntie k


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