Inspiring Workspaces

I know this post has nothing to do with kids but I wanted to share some inspirational workspaces I’ve been goo goo ga ga-ing over!  I spend the majority of my day on the computer — blogging, researching, emailing, putting together inspiration boards, and just about anything else that includes me sitting and staring at the screen all day.  This made me realize how much I want a beautiful workspace…and no, not just a little corner in a room, but an ENTIRE room just for me to work in.   Wouldn’t that be nice hm?  There’s something about each of these workspaces that I love and I would incorporate a little something from each of them into my own one day…hopefully soon. =)

Whether it’s the colors, the feminine touches, the simple arrangement of peonies, the outdoor view of the garden, or the inspiration boards…this in my inspirational workspace.  With that, I would love a designated crafts area like this.

Boy, if I had a room dedicated just for my workspace and crafts area…I would never leave!  A girl can dream for the perfect workroom right?


auntie k


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