I’m in love with Roy G. Biv

As I am prepping for Jackson & Riley’s Colorful Crayola Birthday Party, I am getting more and more obsessed with the colors of the rainbow.  Something about the classic Roy G. Biv colors together illuminates nothing but fun and excitement…it’s like eye-candy!  I love anything that involves the rainbow, it really brightens my day.  Take a look!

1.  If I had 20,000 books, it would definitely look like this. — Organizing Books By Color

2.  A fun way to get kids to eat their fruits! — Rainbow Fruit Kabobs

3.  Do you have the patience for this piece of art? — Melted Crayon Art Tutorial

4.  A colorful drink for 21+ kids at heart. — The Double Rainbow Cocktail

5.  A delicious treat too pretty to eat! — Taste the Rainbow…Jello!

6.  Shoes + The Rainbow = P e r f e c t — “The Blake” by Christian Louboutin

7.  A surprise once you cut a slice! — Super Epic Rainbow Cake

8.  A breathtaking, captivating, dazzling experience. — Disney’s World of Color

9.  Oh how I wish it was normal for adults to wear tutus. —  Awesome Colorful Tickled Tutu

10.  One of my favorite movies!  Who doesn’t wish to float away from millions of colorful balloons? — Disney Pixar Movie “Up”

11.  A staircase that comes to life once the light shines through. – The Rainbow House, London

Enjoy and have a wonderful, colorful day!


auntie k


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