ADORABLE baby girl shoes!

If you don’t already know, I LOVE shoes…especially sky high heels! I think my sister and I got this very expensive habit from my mom. After all, shoes can change a woman’s life — just ask Cinderella! =) Anyways, exciting news — Riley is beginning to take her FIRST steps! We were all waiting for this moment…even Jackson was jumping up and down cheering his little sister on. You know what this means right? A “step” closer to buying shoes for her…and knowing my sister, Riley’s going to have a fabulous shoe closet. You can imagine it being like Mariah Carey’s, but filled with baby shoes instead!

Here’s a peek into every shoeaholic’s dream closet:

These are some baby girl shoes I am obsessed with — some even inspired by Riley!

1. Mini Melissa Campana Zig Zag Mary Janes

2. Prada Patent Leather Scrunch Ballet Flats

3. Little Marc Jacobs Baby Mouse Shoes

4. Vivienne Westwood Anglomani Mini Melissa Ultragirl III

5. Bloch Toddler Girls’ Fiochetta Flats

6. Stuart Weitzman Nantucket Flats

7. Stuart Weitzman Dazzle Flat

8. Burberry T-Strap Ballerina Flats

9. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Mini Melissa Ultragirl

10. TOMS Hearts Slip-On

Aren’t all these shoes adorable?! I can’t wait to add more to Riley’s collection! You know what they say…you can never have too many shoes!

Happy Monday!


auntie k


  1. #6 and #8 yaaaa


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