The Lorax Movie Rating

Hi Everyone!

Over the weekend, I watched the highly anticipated movie…The Lorax!  Beautifully animated with heart and emotion, this is a great movie for adults and kids.

Taking place in the imaginative city of Thneedville, the setting is visually stunning, colorful, and brings out the creativity in all of us.

The Lorax even has a great message. It’s about saving the trees and protecting the environment. They even talk about the process of photosynthesis and how it gives off free oxygen! We get it Dr. Seuss, protect the Earth…reduce, reuse, recycle.  =) It definitely is a breath of fresh air for a movie to deliver a positive message for young children… literally!

One of my favorite things about the movie was its effective use of music. At one point, there was actually clapping in the theater following the beat of the music. It was amazing to see the many kids in the audience around me smiling and dancing in their seats.


I must admit, The Lorax did not look so loveable on the posterboards…but after watching this movie, I adore that fuzzy little orange creature who speaks for the trees!

Overall, I give The Lorax 3.5 K’s out of 5! The execution of the story could have been better, but nonetheless, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone regardless of age. Entertaining, fun, cute, and touching, you will definitely enjoy The Lorax.

“UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss


Be sure to catch The Lorax in theaters!

auntie k



  1. While the movie is funnier than the book, the drawback of this modernized version is that it loses the timeless quality of the story on the page. Still, I had a good time and it will definitely resonate well with plenty of adults and just about every kid imaginable. Great review. It’s a lot better than Despicable Me though, or at least that’s what I thought.


  1. […] drive to the mall, go bowling, eat lunch at the local diner, or head to the movie theaters (too bad The Lorax is not showing anymore!), but all require a certain amount of effort to dress up warmly, to find […]

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