Vegas Trip part 2 — Kid-Friendly Activities in Sin City

Ahhh Vegas…  Gambling, drinking, dancing, and other “sinful” things — obviously not a place a vacation for kids, right?  WRONG.  I thought it would be a challenge to bring Jackson and Riley to Sin City (and it was… somewhat), but in the process, we discovered many activities to do that was fun for the family…kids included!

1.  Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel– Did you know this mini zoo of tigers, lions, and dolphins existed…in Vegas?  No, you aren’t a hundred feet away from all the animals.  Instead you are right there within arms length!  Jackson was able to get close enough to see a lion cough up a furball! – I wish I caught that on video tape =(  But anyway, Jackson had a great time and even made a new friend!  Simba =)




2.  The Pool at the Wynn Hotel– Vegas is known for crowded pools filled with people drinking and dancing…well, not the pool at the Wynn.  It was very relaxing afternoon for adults and families seeking a more quiet and peaceful vacation.  Jackson and Riley had fun playing in the water with mommy and daddy while we got to sit back and bask in the sun.

3.  Peggy Sues 50s Diner– The road back from Vegas began with lunch at Peggy Sues’!  Driving back and seeing the signs for this diner, we knew we had to go.  After all, diners stuck in the 50s is not easy to find…especially in LA!  After being stuffed from their burgers, famous curly fries, and old-fashioned malts, we took a stroll through their Dinosaur — I mean DINER-saur Park.  Jackson loved looking at the mighty King Kong and the villainous Spinosaurus, although he probably had more fun feeding the ducks.  All in all, a great kid-friendly pit-stop!




4.  Calico Ghost Town– About 9 miles away from Peggy Sues’, we stopped by Ghost Town, an old west mining town that has been around since 1881!  It was fun for the family to walk around in the old western town, but Jackson had even more fun with the activities like Panning for Gold or experiencing the Mystery Shack – a mind boggling experience with optical illusions.  See for yourself!



5.  Getting a massage  – We all deserve a relaxing massage once in a while… even Jackson.  It’s tough being a kid.  Hehe, just kidding!

Next time you decide to go to Vegas and leave the kids at home with Grandpa and Grandma, think again!  Experience all the activities there are to do that makes it even more fun when you bring the kids along!  Enjoy and Happy Leap Year!

auntie k

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