Vegas Trip part 1 — How We Conquered Sin City with Kids

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas…well, not on this trip!

My family and I went on a short getaway this past weekend to Vegas, and as most of you know, Sin City isn’t the ideal vacation destination for young children (especially for Jackson-2 and Riley-11 months).  We had to be creative and think of ways to make the trip kid-friendly and fun!  With some good preparation and some improvisations, Vegas was a success for everyone, especially the kids!  Here are some ways the we conquered Vegas:

Bringing a little bit of home

What do you say when your child asks for Curious George or his block set during a vacation?  Well, for Jackson and Riley…we brought it!  My sister packed a bag-full of their favorite toys so although we were over 250 miles away, it still felt like home. =)  When dealing with young children, you want to ensure living arrangement is as comfortable as possible.  If not… be prepared for crying babies and lack of sleep!

In-Room Dining

In Vegas, there are age limitations to who they allow at their restaurant so as to maintain the ambiance and to ensure a pleasurable experience for their patrons.  Basically, you don’t want to be on a date with a special someone and be seated next to a crying baby.  I get it… So how do you adjust?  Two words…“ROOM SERVICE.”  In-room dining worked out perfectly for my family since we’re a large group with kids.  Jackson and Riley were able to eat and play without us worrying if they were causing a disturbance to others.

The Baby Bjorn 

Does this look familiar from an earlier post?  The Baby Bjorn is a lifesaver!  Strollers get in the way at crowded hotels, so by attaching Riley onto her daddy, it made it much easier to maneuver.










Improvising Games 

When kids get bored, what do we do?  Make up games on the spot!  While we were shopping, Jackson kept wanting to go back to see the Tigers at the Mirage, so we thought of playing hide-n-seek to distract him.  We had fun hiding his version of “Simba” in clothing racks and pillows.  Best part was Jackson’s laughter… he loved it!


So, this was how my family defeated Vegas with kids!  Although we didn’t do the typical things you’re supposed to do in Sin City, we had an amazing time hanging out together as a family.  No matter where you go, be sure to make things comfortable, easy, and fun for everyone!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about the kid-friendly activities we discovered in Sin City!


auntie k


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