San Francisco International Gift Fair part 3

Hi everyone!

Sadly this will be the last of my 3 part series about the unique discoveries I found at the San Francisco International Gift Fair… but HAPPY THURSDAY!  One more day closer to the weekend! =)  *Drum Roll*

Meet the friends of Apple Park — Mischievous Monkey, Little Lamby, Cuddly Cubby, Shy Bunny, and Ducky.  These 5 pals love to picnic under their favorite tree where apples grow in the shape of hearts!  How cute is that?!  Not only do their adorable plush faces make my heart melt, but their 100% eco-friendly organic cotton, hypoallergenic filling makes them even more lovable for kids and planet Pluto!

Apple Park Picnic Pal Wrist Rattle

With the soft baby velcro on the Picnic Pal Wrist Rattle, put them in place for non-stop, drop-free, rattling, and jingling fun!

          Picnic Pal Plush Friends & Bamboo Loungeware

Lounging never felt so good!  Collect all 5 Picnic Pal Plush Friends and lounge around all day.  The sustainable Bamboo Loungewear is super soft…it’ll be your child’s favorite pajamas!

 Picnic Pal Blankets

Take your Picnic Pal Blankie on the go!  At the park, in the car, at the restaurant, wherever it is — your Picnic Pal friend will always be with you.

Picnic Pal Organic Puppets

These adorable Picnic Pal Finger Puppets are a fun way to entertain little ones.  They’re full of personality and fun…just give them a hand!

Picnic Pal Children’s Books

Do you want a good story to read to your child?  The Apple Park
Picnic Pals book teaches children about living a healthy lifestyle.  Not only do they talk about being good to Earth, but they teach the value of friendship!  Very cute.

There is SO much more to see from Apple Park!  Block sets, teething toys, stroller toys, backpacks, booties, beanies, the list goes on and on!  Spread the Apple love and eco-friendly goodness to all kids around you!

I hope everyone enjoyed the 3 little gems I discovered!


auntie k

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