San Francisco International Gift Fair part 2

I hope everyone enjoyed my last post about the Buddha Board and is excited to read about this little gem I discovered at the San Francisco International Gift Fair!

Meet Hello Hanna…an adorable company that creates products that sparks creativity in all of us — young or old.  This is especially beneficial to young children as it keeps their minds engaged while having fun.  Looks like a win/win situation to me!

Every design already looks amazing right out of the package.  But Hello Hanna takes it a step further.  Imagine if someone simply gave you pizza dough along with every ingredient you can think of and tells you “create your masterpiece.”  After you put what you want on your pizza, it is put into an oven, and “POOF!” you have the end product.  Well, minus the oven… this is similar to what Hello Hanna does in that they provide you with inspirational ingredients and gives you the freedom to create your masterpiece.




Do your kids get distracted easily at restaurants?  With these fabulous Get-Set Placemats, kids will have fun customizing their own placemats and even learn a thing or two about where to put the fork, knife, and spoon.  It’s a way to let them be creative before a meal and most importantly, to stay busy! =)

We all know kids love stickers right?  Hello Books allow kids to customize their own picture books with STICKERS —  and lots of it!  Whether it’s putting together cupcakes or strawberry pies, decorating their own castle, or even building a robot to their own fantasy…there is something for every little boy and girl with a big imagination out there…the ideas are endless!

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the mommy and daddies.  There’s something at Hello Hanna for you too!  If you appreciate all the little details as much as I do, then you will love the darling wishing birds, the amazing wishing tree, the sweet cupcake stands, and even the adorable edible cupcake toppers.  For any occasion, these products can be used as decoration and will definitely stand out.

photo credit:  Hello Hanna

Unique, simple, and cute… Hello Hanna definitely caught my eye, and hopefully yours too!  Are you excited to read about my final discovery tomorrow?  Stay tuned!


auntie k


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