San Francisco International Gift Fair part 1

Hi all!

I hope everyone enjoyed this past 3-day weekend. Mine was filled with lack of sleep, hours of driving, and new discoveries. =)  So, on Saturday I assisted with the coordination of a huge production, rustic style wedding at Parker Palm Springs Hotel.  I woke up at 7 am to help with the set up and ended back at home at midnight.  4 hours later, I found myself driving up north to attend the San Francisco International Gift Fair.  If you haven’t experienced an expo before, I recommend that you attend one to discover the latest products and many hidden gems often overlooked at your modern day brick and mortar retail store.

Unfortunately I was not able to go to the Los Angeles Gift Show a few months back, so when I heard that the expo was coming to San Francisco, I knew I couldn’t pass it up… and I’m glad I didn’t!  At the expo, you had your fair share of typical kids products on display, but there were three companies that really caught my eye.

If you remember this post from a few weeks ago, my nephew Jackson had a blast painting his rocket ship to Pluto. However, there was one aspect that I didn’t really touch up on. And that is the CLEAN UP!  Well, what if I tell you that your kids can have just as much fun impersonating Picasso without the mess?  Impossible?  Think again!

Let me introduce you to my newest discovery…the “Buddha Board!”

The concept behind the Buddha Board is simple:  Watch your child’s thoughts come alive while they paint with a special fillable water pen on the board’s surface.  Let them enjoy their creation and as the water evaporates, the art disappears, they have a blank canvas to work with, then they can start all over again!

The Buddha Board is based on the “Zen idea of living in the moment”, which was originally created for artists and stressed out adults, but I obviously thought about why it would be more fun for kids.

  • It allows kids to express themselves artistically while mommy and daddies can relax. Because guess what? There’s no mess, no clean-up — it’s just water!
  • The travel-size canvas allows you to bring the Buddha Board anywhere!  In the car, at the restaurant, on vacation, in the plane…you name it!
  • Kids can even experiment with hand impressions by pressing wet hands onto the canvas.  No need for finger paint!
  • Lastly, it’s toxic-free!
The Buddha Board make great gifts for any little Picasso’s that you know!  Purchase them here.

I hope you are fascinated with the Buddha Board as much as I am…stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on another new discovery!


auntie k


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