Modern Dohl for a Little Prince

Some of you may be wondering, what is a Dohl?  Well, in short, this Korean term dohl is used to describe the first birthday of a child’s life.  I had the chance to work with Carolyn Chen from The Special Day for Aaron Choi’s Dohl at one of my favorite hotels, the SLS in Beverly Hills.

Korean first birthdays highlight a main table called the dol sahng, literally meaning first birthday table.  Another tradition during the dohl is the Toljabee game where various items are placed in front of the child which hold various meanings.  In Aaron’s case, the items were a $100 bill(wealth), a book(scholar), a bowl of rice(abundance in life), a golf club(athlete), yarn(long life), skeptiscope(doctor), and whatever he chose predicted his future.  We all waited as he kept going back and forth over the bowl of rice and the money, but in the end…Aaron chose the $100 bill!  Good move, you definitely made Mommy and Daddy proud!

From coloring pages, silhouette artists, to a bubble show…I had an amazing time capturing all the details and moments at Aaron’s first birthday celebration!



Happy Birthday Little Aaron, I hope you had an amazing first birthday celebration!


auntie k


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