adorable book shelves for kids

I love children’s books!  One of my favorite things to do is read Jackson his bedtime story.  He absolutely loves the pictures, the story is easy to follow, and its short, sweet, and to the point.

As most should know, it’s really easy to start collecting books as they often make nice gifts.  Well, after a while, things could get quite cluttered and disorganized!  To help with this, check out these adorable bookshelves for your child’s room…and don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone if they “somehow” end up in your room too!

1.  Bus Bookshelf

2.  Whale Bookends

3.  Tree Bookcase

4.  Paper Dolls Bookshelf

5.  Junior Dachshund Bookends

6  Elephant Bookshelf

I want to buy one for Jackson but I don’t know which one…they are all so cute!  I can see it now, with all his favorite books like Where is Baby’s Belly Button, Thomas & Friends, and his personal favorite, The Complete Adventures of Curious George!

Happy Reading!


auntie k



  1. […] Some items you will be able to store away in the garage or a spare room, but the bedtime stories are difficult to leave anywhere else but your child’s bedroom. In my nephew’s case, he became attached to his books and will know if one were to somehow “disappear” in a storage box. There are many ways to display and store the seemingly endless number of children’s books in your child’s bedroom. You can decorate the traditional bookshelf using adorable children’s book ends like these. […]

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