Superbowl commercials that kids love!

Congratulations to the NY Giants, Superbowl Champions 2012!   As everyone was enjoying the game, I was playing babysitter for Jackson and his cousin, Emily.  It didn’t matter because even though I only caught glimpses of the game, I was fortunate to catch all the commercials!  We all have our favorites, but Jackson and Emily definitely enjoyed some more than others.

1.  Dr Seuss’ The Lorax

When a little orange furry cartoon creature pops up on the TV screen, you know it’ll get the kids attention.  Not knowing what the movie is about, all I heard was “I wanna see, I wanna see” over and over again.  March 2nd…we’ll be coming for you Lorax!


Even though this potty humor has nothing to do with taxes, it definitely caught Jackson’s attention.  This commercial features a little boy in a pool who desperately needs to use the restroom.  Jackson has definitely been in his shoes as we often yell, “WAIT! No… WAIT JACKSON!”  And  sometimes, you can see the struggle in his face!  This one got a huge burst of laughter from the adults and kids… Great job TaxAct!

3.  Doritos – Sling Baby

Babies will attract other kids attention.  “Baby! Baby!” Jackson would say.  Jackson and Emily loved this commercial featuring a young child teasing a baby and his grandmother by eating his Doritos at a seemingly safe distance.  NOPE.  Watch as the baby gets sling shotted towards the boy and snatches the the bag of Doritos!  His facial expression at the end  is priceless. =)

4.  Skechers – Mr. Quiggley

A little french bulldog…in tennis shoes…doing the moonwalk, need I say more?  Jackson’s been practicing that move since he saw Mr. Quiggley do it!

5.  Coco-Cola

I don’t know what excited the kids more….the polar bears falling all over each other or the soda. Either way, Jackson and Emily  were captivated with this one.  Does Coca Cola sell polar bear stuffed animals?  Jackson wants one!


Try showing these youtube videos to your kids and see their reactions!  Let me know what happens!

auntie k


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