How to Deal with Sick Kids

What’s worst than dealing with a sick kid?  Dealing with TWO sick kids!  Jackson and Riley have been sick for over a week, battling a slight fever followed by the sniffles and cough.  The thermometer and nasal saline spray have definitely been used more than ever.  The good news is… I think the worst is over now, with only the cough still lingering…. oh BUT the constant crying and fussy behavior are still there though!

Here are some ways to deal with sick kids:

  • Patience – Obviously the kids aren’t going to be at their best. Relax the routine, let go of the little things, be realistic about meal times, and don’t stress about the house (no one will be visiting anyway)!
  • Cancel your plans – If you have little ones under school age, cancel anything you can! Don’t bother with trying to squeeze things in… just let people know that the kids are unwell and you’ll reschedule asap.  If you have school aged kids, cancel school for a day or two (and sadly, yes, whatever you had planned too), and cancel any playdates until they are 100% well again.
  • Take shifts at night – Find a system that works for your family, so that you aren’t working 24-7.  Either take turns night and night about so that only one of you is getting up, or take pre-midnight shifts and post-midnight shifts.  (This week though, Jackson only wanted Daddy since he was out on a business trip!)  Single mamas, you need extra help during the day because you have to deal with v-e-r-y long night shifts.  Perfect time to ask help from girlfriends, grandmas, and aunties!

Working mommies, how do you juggle your career with caring for sick little ones?  Any tips to share?

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