Christmas Presents in January?

I know I knowww… It’s a little late.  For weeks, my family tried to figure out the perfect day for our annual Secret Santa Exchange.  As the date crept closer, excuses came one after another, and we had to push back the date further and further.  Throw in ten people, 10 busy schedules, and a vacation, and you will get one late gift exchange.  In fact, it was 15 days after Christmas, when we were FINALLY able to all get together.

Can you imagine the excitement for a 2 year old boy, as he lay his eyes on a mountain full of wrapped presents?  Jackson was overjoyed… to say the least.  “Mine, mine, I want to open it.”  Every gift was indeed, his gift… or at least it seemed like it as he received a present from each auntie, a present from his grandparents, AND a present from his mommy and daddy.  Lucky kid.  As soon as we gave him permission, he obviously grabbed the biggest present and opened it faster than you can say “How much wood, would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.”   Did I seriously write that? =)

Anyway, it was quite the experience, watching Jackson’s excitement as he screamed every time he opened a new present.  Something as simple as a replica shaver made Jackson so happy that now he can “shave like daddy.”  That’s the thing about children…  It really is the simple things that makes them happy.  It is after you grow older and become more conscious of name brands, trends, and style, that happiness becomes more complicated.  With that in mind, go to your son or daughter, lift them up in the air, listen to the seemingly endless laughter… do you get it?  It’s amazing how much you can control your child’s perception of the world. =)

And although we didn’t drink eggnog, sing carols, see snow, or open presents on the 25th of December, it was still a very merry Christmas indeed.  Merry Belated Christmas Everyone!

auntie k

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