Welcome to the World, Baby Blue Ivy!

It’s official!  On Saturday, January 7th, Princess Blue Ivy Carter came into this world with fans already lining up for her arrival.  Do you remember when Beyonce, IN THOSE 6 INCH HEELS, told the world she was pregnant at the 2011 VMAs?  Impressive! Since the announcement,  we’ve been waiting for baby Blue Ivy to be born!  Yes, I know the name is questionable, but, with parents named Beyonce and Jay-Z, wouldn’t we expect the baby’s name to be different and unique?  She must be a bundle of joy for family and friends especially with all the tweeting going on from all her celebrity friends.  I have no doubt that the baby girl must be really beautiful–she will definitely be a head turner when she grows up!  Inheriting Beyonce’s amazing curves and Jay-Z’s fashionable style, the princess of hip hop is on her throne and making headlines already!  I can’t wait to see her features and who she looks like more.  Congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z!  We’ll all be patiently waiting for those pictures of your baby girl!

auntie k


  1. Aw, thanks SO much! Everyone’s a kid at heart, we just need the right people to bring it out of us. 🙂

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