NFL Playoffs + Kids = Overtime Duties

Hi Everyone!

I’m back with a quick update. It’s that time of the year again … you know what I’m talking about. No, not the daily trips to the gym to fulfill your New Year’s Resolutions of being healthy and losing weight.. nope not the sighs of relief that your kids are back in school after 2 weeks of Winter Break (although it seemed like 2 months!).. not the Republican Presidential debates, or even the Post-New Years sales …

It’s the NFL playoffs. For the next month, Sundays will be dedicated to the delicate balance between family time, and watching Aaron Rodgers bring the Packers back to the Super Bowl (Go Clay Matthews! Fight on!) These are the days where the Mommies and Aunties have to work overtime as the husbands, boyfriends, grandpas, uncles, and brothers take a day off from baby duties. Watching the kids, making guacamole and salsa for the boys, constantly cleaning the house after accidental spills … it’s that time of the year.

One tip … set up the play area next to the TV! See Riley below as we take a break and watch the New York Giants vs Atlanta Falcons game.

Children and NFL Playoffs

Happy Sunday everyone!

auntie k



  1. Thank you! I learn things from reading other kid blogs as well. Feel free to share my posts! 🙂

  2. Your welcome, thanks for the love!

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