we came, we saw, and we conquered!

What kind of weather is LA having right now?  High 70’s during winter season?  But hey, I’m not complaining.  Might as well take advantage of the beautiful sunrays!  Earlier this week was the perfect time to take Jackson hiking at Eaton Canyon in Altadena.  We got our Deuter Kid Comfort II carrier, water, snacks, sunblock, and hiking gear ready to go.

And so our journey begins…1.5 mile there, 1.5 mile back—3 miles in total.  Was Jackson going to make it?   Was I even going to make it?  During the long “boring” walk on the dirt road before we actually got to the fun hiking path, Jackson was confused and asked where we were going every other minute.  He was obviously not very excited.  After a 30 minute walk which felt like hours, we finally saw the sign “EATON CANYON FALLS ½ MILE.”  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Another ½ mile?  I know it’s not a big deal, but hiking with a toddler that gets easily distracted from sticks and stones is like moving 5 mph.

Once the REAL hiking began, this is when Jackson gets excited and starts moving his legs a little faster.   Getting down and dirty on all hands and feet, we were ready to conquer the rivers and rocks!  Jackson refused to sit in the Deuter carrier and wanted to hike himself—you can say we’re training this little boy scout at young age!  One thing I could never forget is when he tried walking from one river rock to another, missed a step, and accidently fell in the water.  He stood there at first, not sure how to react but before he had time to do anything, I told him “Mommy’s not here!  You can get dirty!”  No tears or complaints which was unusual because he HATES wet socks.  Jackson’s no quitter, he was determined to reach that waterfall!  Scummy shoes, squishy socks, and an hour later, we finally made it!  Jackson LOVED it all, mostly because he was finally able to rest, take his shoes off, and play in the water.  Kudos to the 2 and half year old for defeating a 3 mile hike some adults can hardly finish!

The aftermath from conquering the wilderness!  Is the Deuter comfortable or were you just that tired JP?

Take advantage of this weather and go out exploring!

auntie k

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