Holiday Magic at Disneyland

Have you seen that one youtube video of a little girl’s reaction to the news that she is going to go to Disneyland?  If you haven’t, take a look!

It is so adorable that something seemingly so little, can mean so much to somebody.  I can’t remember the last time I reacted as joyfully to something as she did… maybe at my sister’s wedding?  Maybe?

Well, last week, we took my nephew Jackson to Disneyland.  I mean, we mentioned it to him a few weeks back, and trust me, there was not a day that passed when he did not mention “DISNEYYYAND.”  So, it was about time we went.

My goodness, I was in for a surprise when my family of 7 walked up to the box office.  Do you remember when Disneyland used to charge PER ride? It is now $105 for a 1-day park hopper ticket!  Jackson… when you can read, you owe us big time!  But you know what, even the ticket prices couldn’t stop us or Jackson from having a fun-filled family day at the happiest place on Earth…. or Pluto.

Going to Disneyland for the first time since my sister’s kids were born, I finally got to witness the holiday magic Mickey & Friends can bring to a family.  All of us either took a day off from work or school, but you know what?  It was worth it…  To experience Jackson’s first time at Disneyland was a great experience, one I wouldn’t trade for the world…  We all had a chance to escape all our worries, and take a step into one of the many features of Pluto.

I hope you enjoy the magical day I was able to capture.


auntie k


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