Meet Sophie


So I was introduced by my nephew Jackson to this Giraffe named Sophie.  If you haven’t met Sophie before, and I am guilty as well, she is a baby teething toy in the form of a Giraffe.

A giraffe?  Okay, so what?  Think of the times we live in now with all its advances in technology, research and development…When you search for the top baby products sold on Amazon, you will find Sophie… Top 3 in fact!

I thought to myself, “What’s so great about this toy? It’s JUST a giraffe-

So I looked into this world’s famous baby teething toy and found out why Sophie is so popular.  Not only is she BPA and Phthalate Free, which are the first things my sister looks for in any toy, but Sophie is also the safest toy for your baby.  On top of that, she stimulates each of your child’s 5 senses:

Sight – Her dark spots provide for visual stimulation

Hear – Sophie is able to entertain and excite the baby as she squeaks when pressed

Taste – Babies love putting Sophie in their tiny mouths as she is made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree, and coated with food paint

Touch – Sophie’s rubbery texture feels like a mother’s skin, which arouses physiological and emotional responses that comfort the baby

Smell – Her unique natural rubber scent distinguishes her from all the other toys

50 years later and Sophie hasn’t aged a day.  This little giraffe has been sold over 30 million times! With the holidays coming up, wrap charming little Sophie up as a present and pass her along to another happy baby!

Celebrities Love Sophie!


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  2. […] Pick toys for their age range that stimulate the senses, like infant gyms, rattles, and textured board books.  An all time favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe. […]

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